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Natural Impotence Treatment

Natural NutritionOur nutrition is very important for our sexual health. Before you eat a hamburger for dinner think about sexual problems and dysfunctions it can cause. Particular foods improve the sexual desire, and can serve as a perfect natural impotence treatment. For example, some products can be sexually arousing due to their smell.


Oysters are well known for their ability to cope with sexual problems, and it is true, as they contain a lot of zinc and vitamin B6. Both components are responsible for testosterone production, which, in its turn, is an important hormone, able to help you treat impotence naturally.


Pork is recommended too, because it contains vitamin B1, which is very good for your nerves. If you are a vegetarian or just don't like pork, you can obtain vitamin B1 from beans and wholemeal bread.


Bananas are a great source of potassium, which is necessary for normal function of the heart and blood circulation. Bananas can control your sodium level and blood pressure and are a natural impotence treatment. Potassium can also be received from oranges or potatoes' skin.


A cup of good coffee is natural impotence treatment. It supplies your body with such an amount of caffeine, that your metabolism improves, your bloodflow gets stronger and your erection becomes stronger and longer.


This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve the blood flow in the while body and in its important parts in particular. And this is what you need to improve your sexual performance and to treat impotence. Eat not only salmon, but trout, mackerel and tuna as well, and your blood arteries will be in perfect order.


Chillies are another blood vessel expander capable of spicing up your sexual life and helping you to get the boost. Keep this in mind every time your face flushes when you eat curry. From anatomical point of view the mechanism of hard-on is nothing but hydraulics: it is achieved by ample rush of blood (the liquid) into the penile blood vessels (the little tubes). Hence, the only things required for successful sexual activity are healthy blood vessels (the pipework) and heart (the pump).


The colorful plant chemicals (anthocyanins) that cherries are so rich in protect artery walls from fatty plaques which lead to clogged arteries and are the main reason of atherosclerosis. Many other brightly colored berries and fruit such as plums, peaches and nectarines are natural impotence treatment products too; they help you keep your arteries smooth and your love life blooming.


Wine - especially red - is not only delicious; it is an important source of the antioxidant photochemical resveratrol that helps your body by strengthening the arteries and stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Nitrogen oxide is good for blood vessels, as it makes them wider. The effect of Viagra is based on it, and this is how it helps to deal with impotence. The thing is that Viagra affects small vessels only, while resveratrol in natural impotence treatment products like red wine affects all arteries. Be careful not to drink too much - overdrinking is a common reason of impotence.


In spite of its smell it can help you in intimate relationships. They contain the phytochemical allicin which helps treat impotence by boosting circulation of blood and thinning blood itself. Just take care of your breath with the help of chewing gum.

Natural Impotence Treatment

Natural Impotence TreatmentKeep in mind, while there are many prescription medications as well as harmless natural impotence treatment supplements to deal with erectile dysfunction, your treatment should begin with correct diet. If you want to forget about impotence, choose food rich in vitamin E, zinc and fish oil. Fruits and vegetables should take the first place in your menu. Try to avoid fatty and sugary foods and drinks as well as food with high sodium content, it will worsen your impotence.

Featured Natural Impotence Treatment

Natural Impotence Treatment