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Sperm CountThe method of sperm count analysis is used to reveal the amount of sperm produced. It also allows to conclude on the produced sperm quality and number.

It usually takes place if it is necessary to understand if a man can father a child or not. For each couple who can't have a baby, a problem with sperm of a man accounts for more than one third of couples having an infertility problem. Sperm count analysis is also used to check on the results of both vasectomy and reversed vasectomy operations.

Sperm Count

The sperm count analysis may also include other tests like:
- liquefaction time test (the consistency of sperm changes in certain period after ejaculation (an average of 20 minutes) from a thick gel-like substance to a liquid one. And the liquefaction test reveals the period it takes the sperm to liquidize),
- sperm motility test (to identify the motile density of a sperm. It means the number of "moving" sperm in ejaculate),
- sperm morphology test (to know the amount of normally-shaped sperm),
- PH levels test (this process finds out if the level of pH is low (the sperm is acidic) or high (alkaline sperm, not acidic)), and
- fructose level evaluation (fructose is normally present in sperm and this particular check calculates its level. This natural sugar gives the sperm required energy).

Sperm Count Analysis

Sperm Count AnalysisIf you are going to have sperm count analysis you should prepare for it in advance. It is recommended to exclude sexual intercourse with ejaculation 2-5 days prior to the procedure. Only by avoiding sex for a couple of days before the analysis you will get a reliable result with the highest possible sperm count.

Long abstinence, however, isn't good for the test because it can bring to the result that your sperm won't be active. That's why you shouldn't avoid sex for more than 1-2 weeks. Alcohol shouldn't be drunk for a few days. Moreover, you should inform your doctor about any medicines you take.

To do your sperm count analysis doctors need your sperm sample. You should ejaculate it in a small sample cup. It can be done at home or at a clinic or a hospital where you are to have the test. You can collect the sample into a sample container either through masturbation or during sex: ejaculating into the container or into a condom that should be placed into an intact container to be collected from later.

Sperm Count Enhancement

Sperm Count EnhancementThere are two easy and completely normal sperm count enhancement techniques you may apply in your everyday life to increase sperm count, improve seminal fluid amount and orgasms strength. Keep hydrated! You will keep your body and you organ healthy and well functioning. In case your organism is dehydrated, the amount of sperm will decrease gradually. Remember that 8 glasses of water a day will help you stay healthy and let you enhance your sperm count.

Some people decide to add sperm count enhancement pills to their diet. Give preference to those that are natural, include minerals, vitamins and herbs. L-arginine, L-glysine and L-carnitine are amino acids necessary to maintain a good sperm count. But their effect is not limited to improving sperm count only. They also help to maintain stronger and longer-lasting erections through increasing blood circulation to the penile tissues.

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