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Genetic Causes of Obesity

Genetic Causes of ObesityIt yet remains to be decided if genetics substantially plays a role in causing obesity. Much research is being done and several potent arguments have been made in the research world.

While solid evidence still needs to be put forward, a few interesting points are there that support the genetic causes of obesity:
  1. Clustering of many obese people within a family
  2. The similarity of weight gain in most monozygotic twins
  3. Discovery of genes that are certain to participate in obesity causation.
  4. The risk of obesity is 2 to 8 times more in a person with a positive family history of obesity.

Obesity Genes

A research carried out that involved studies of the genome of more than 260000 people have lead to the discovery of certain genes that are causative of obesity. One of those obesity genes is the "FTO" gene (Fat transporter and obesity associated protein).

But even after studying this gene for more than six years, the exact mechanism by which it causes obesity is still not certain. In addition to this particular gene, seven more obesity genes have been discovered that cause or make a person more prone to obesity.

Genetic Causes of Obesity

obesity genesThe answer remains uncertain and the mystery is yet to be solved. These obesity genes cause the pediatric population to have inbuilt obesity related triggers that manifest themselves during the adult life. Obesity genes can also directly cause and contribute to obesity in syndromes like Prader Willi syndrome and Bardet Biedl syndrome.

To conclude this article, there is a good bit of evidence that supports the role of genetics in obesity and genetics is a certain cause for it. However, a mix of a healthy lifestyle and genetics leads you to have a normal BMI profile.

Research is ongoing we will one day learn to change the course of our obesity by making slight changes in those genes in our genome that cause obesity or contribute to it. It is more important the obesity genes and their collaboration with the environmental factors that contribute to obesity.

Till we have a certain answer, our only target should be a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, exercises and obesity pills to avoid becoming obese and being morbid.

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